Iggi, G-Love

OK, so, according to one blog on asiae.kr Iggi news, in 이끼, along with Jeong Jae Young (정재영) the movie will feature Yoo Seon (유선), and Park Hae Il (박해일, in Host, i.e). But the article is on Jeong Jae Young other movie – G-Love ( G can be interpreted either as Great or Give) that will start filming around half of the 2010.
One thing can be stated as for now, JJY is making good choices in movies. I was delighted by his performance in 신기전, although Han Eun Jeong’s (한은정) performance was pretty weak. I liked her in Full House, but here she was somewhat emotionless. And of course, Ahn Seong Gi (안성기) was great but it’s nothing new. I would be surprised by his weak performance.

Yoo Seon Hancinema:
Yoon Seon
Park Hae Il Hancinema:
Park Hae Il

Link to one website:

And a short trailer from daum cafe:
Divine Weapon

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