Jung Ryeo Won’s Interview on Castaway on the Moon


 As I mentioned, I dig up every article I can find on JJY, even not so new one. To be honest, there are not so much new ones. So I decided to place here one question on JJY, that Jung Ryeo Won was being asked.

From SportsSeoul:

How do you feel about having done a movie with Jung Jae Young, who is often [referred to as] an ‘actor who is blessed with female co-stars’?

Jae Young oppa is not an ‘actor who is blessed with female co-stars’, it’s the actresses who work with him that are lucky. I certainly felt that this time. His impression is great and he’s someone who makes his female co-stars shine. If I were to describe him as a food, I don’t know why but, he’s a person like soft tofu stew (순두부 찌개).


 And one more thing:
The official website of Castaway On The Moon, with JJY’s video.


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