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My Sister’s March

Another political drama. I was waiting for it since January, and now, finally found it! Drama info: Title: 누나의 3월 / Nunaui 3 Wol Also known as: My Sister’s March Genre: Drama Episodes: 2 Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-26 … Continue reading

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Road Number 1

One Kdrama I’m waiting for. It starts on June 23rd, and I hope WITH S2 will sub it. There are of course others I’m anticipating, but this one the most. I’m waiting for I Am Legend with Kim Sun Ah, … Continue reading

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Jeong Jae Young – Harper’s Bazaar 2010

The main cast of Iggi is featured in Harper’s Bazaar. I can’t wait for the movie. The plot sounds promising, as for the cast, I have no objections (how could I?), so everything should go smoothly. The movie will be … Continue reading

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Kamikakushi 神隠し

Ok, this time a longer essay on kamikakushi. This is basically a shortened, condensed version of the article I researched for. I don’t really mind if someone takes it, but in this case, as in any other “written” case, please quote. … Continue reading

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Because I’m obsessed.Few videos showing how graceful and beautiful this sculpture from Nara period is.  Three videos and few websites, actually two, one is the official website of Kofukuji, where Ashura is kept as a National Treasure, the other… well, … Continue reading

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Japan – Silk Road

A collage made by me from different pictures: map of Northern tracks to Japan via Korea, below from left: part of the hilt, Silla period crown, glass bowls from Shosoin. The period I’m focusing on is called Unified Silla in … Continue reading

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