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Korean new movies: trailers

First thing first: I posted trailer to Iggi somewhere else. That is why, although I would love to post it here again, I will not duplicate it.This is Part 1.Some movies were introduced to theatres in Korea, some will be. … Continue reading

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   Watch this movie. Seriously. We see at the very beginning introduction to the situation of zainichi in Japan. The protagonist, Sugihara, is zainichi. Going to North Korean School in Japan, he decides one day to transfer to a Japanese … Continue reading

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Late Spring thoughts

I was coming home from work on foot (I forgot my wallet and didn’t have time to buy a monthly pass earlier, as I said, I’m dumb lately) around 9.30 pm, and I was walking along one of two biggest … Continue reading

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Pictures of you^^

Because I’m slightly out of balance in sleep (too little), and in stress (too much). That is why I waste my time sometimes to just wander around different websites and go for more videos and pictures. Because there are no … Continue reading

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Asian MV: light years ahead

Now, when I think of it, I have to admit one thing: I may not be a big fan of Asian pop music (which I am btw), but their MVs are simply beyond everyone’s else. Example? Luna Sea: Gravity. This … Continue reading

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Japanese Cinema and History

Unfortunately people who write books on some peculiar topics think the world ended some time ago, because they are lazy. Yes, lazy. The same goes for some professors. They end up lecture on times 30 years ago because they are … Continue reading

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Upcoming dramas: June

Sounds like Jun, ehehe, ekhem… I should probably start behaving my age. But what’s the point? I’m having fun with myself as I am now. OK, I guess, I complicated something. Anyway, I don’t wanna change my life as I … Continue reading

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