“G” like “Greedy me”.
You know, I’m sick (yeah, cough!who have thought! cough!) and this is because I forgot to take my medicine some time ago, but I can’t help it. The closer July, the more agitated I am. Article is not new, it’s from January, so I mentioned around that time this movie. Well, partially because I’ve been writing this blog since January, so this is maybe the reason, but then again…
Who’s the girl over here?? Jealousy just burning my incestines to the cinder. I just want to fly over there and say: I have my eyes only for you (hope Jun won’t hear that^^), I have my ears only for you, I have my… uhmm… nevermind, I’m getting dizzy.
No, I know who’s the girl. Some people just can’t tell whether I’m joking or not and make a lot of fuss around.

 I thought while entering certain forums I will deal with adults, but so far I met 5 normal people there, and the rest is a bunch of hysterical over-estrogens. Brr.
This girl’s name is Yoo Seon, and she will play along JJY in Iggi and G-Love. And I have 2 reasons to send her to the hospital with mysteriously broken legs.
Again, I’m kidding. I’m not that kind of psycho. But then again… I am…

I would “bump” of course by incident into him and bedazzle with my charm (been reading Morgana Le Fay book she published some centuries ago, might work actually), and if not, I would just use ol’ good way.

Some rope, hit on the head and fly away…
OK, this time without any girl close to. Even as a pic on the website. Grrr!!
‘G’ in G-Love means “Great” or”Give”.
If so, I can Give a Great Love…
OK, I have to go back. Aah, if only I could write an essay on JJY. But it would most likely turn out to be my PhD disses than just an article…
So I just attach more pics from this interview.
Ah, manly man in a black shirt…
All images credits to: movist.com  ^^ I love you, movist^^


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