Pictures of you^^

Because I’m slightly out of balance in sleep (too little), and in stress (too much).
That is why I waste my time sometimes to just wander around different websites and go for more videos and pictures. Because there are no news at the moment I’m unaware of.
I guess I have some receiver in the back of my neck, that triggers some impulses to my brain (is there any??), and I sit in front of my lappie and start searching for some news.
Lately (I’m retarded as I mentioned, ne?), “discovered” I can type name of JJY in Japanese and look on japanese websites (I am so unbelievable dumb…).
That is why I decided to place here some latest random images. Credits to different news websites.

Prepare yourself…


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One Response to Pictures of you^^

  1. HennyPenny says:

    I surf the internet aimlessly when I'm tired and stressed too..

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