JJY in EW Ep 1327

I officially died and went to heaven. But then I came back, and my evil plan of seizing either JJY or KNG is 10% complete. Muahahahaaaa, ekhee, ekhe! I was watching Entertainment Weekly Episode 1327 (they have a new host since few episodes back, guess who: Shin Hyun Joon!! He’s great in in. But back to the story, I was watching and then I saw the face of Ahn Sung Gi, and I was like: WAIT A MINUTE… then I saw JJY. As always he was backing off to allow others to speak (better if he’s the only one in the interview), my fangirling just took over and I was extremely happy.
I’m going to cut this and put it here, as well as pointing to the file.
That was unexpected…

Entertainment Weekly Ep 1327 2010-06-05 torrent


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