~Goodbye My Princess~

It was a fad. I had actually other word in mind, starting with “fa…”, but I guess I could get banned for it.
I’m not interested in drag. Magic or just plain. I’m not interested in someone who pleases 14-yo crowds and is so proud of oneself.
Yes, Keunsuk, it’s you. I liked you in Beethoven Virus, I was entertained by YAB (although you wasn’t that good in it as an actor, lets face it), but now? I tried to stick to all the stupidity that surrounds your image lately. But I couldn’t. This actually helped me to realize it wasn’t even craze. I was in a mood. I was taken by the surge of popularity. I’m not alone in this though.

I don’t like girly, princessy images. If I know it’s a joke, OK, I can let it pass, but now Keunsuk became a joke. In interviews he said many, many times he wanted to be seen as a serious actor. But does a serious actor wears something like this?

                                                    I’m a ball. A Disco Ball, whoohoo!!

I’m not impressed, I’m not delighted, I’m irritated. There are rumors going around, he may laugh them off (good), but he loses credibility in the same time. Serious actors are not prancing the stages dressed as a Princess Fairy Glitter herself, picking up flowers and – apparently – new sets of make-up. Serious actors just either don’t care about their public image and they don’t sell their secrets, or if they actually do care, they are cautious. He acts just stupid.
– Is this new collection of Maybelline? Great, thanks Santa!
The world is looking at Korean Entertainment now. And what does it see? Well, if it’s not blinded by all the sparkle, some gender-confused pretty boy.
 See? My arm is so soft… And how beautiful pose I will strike in a second…

 I know when I bend like this, my round arm is popping like this. It’s so sexy….

No, Keunsuk, it’s not. Besides, I don’t remember when I saw for the last time your round arm.
Hell, KNG lost 13 kilos for his latest movie… damn, forgive me for mentioning you in this post. That will never happen again…

Keunsuk: So now you, what am I wearing right now?
Crowd: A cool outfit!!
Me, and few other normal girls: A crappy outfit!!
Crowd: You haters!! You b*tches!!
We: …………..
Last post, because my admiration disappeared and I don’t think it will ever come back. I can stick to those who value themselves and their acting skills.
Our ranting is on D-Addicts under JKS thread.
Those who are his ardent fans no matter what and can’t see the obvious things, don’t even go there. Besides, we don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about us. We stated our opinions there. If they are different from yours, sorry, can’t help it.
We’re not haters, we were critics.
If you’re not sure what the word “critic” means, google it, before you jump into conclusion.

PS. Don’t ever think I can’t track you down cause you’re writing in Japanese/Korean. I can. I’m a Vengeance incarnated.


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2 Responses to ~Goodbye My Princess~

  1. zooey says:

    Ooh, harsh… but so true. I actually liked this kid in Beethoven Virus, wasn't really aware though that he morphed into this androgynous glittery thing. Kinda hard to separate the artist/actor from the public image. That's probably part of the reason why I don't venture around forums anymore because voicing out a legit opinion about the latest pretty boy could easily mean having some fantards on your tail. Great blog by the way, had lots of reading random posts on it. 🙂

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Well, first, thank you.

    We have this big thread on Keunsuk at D-Addicts when we rant and praise. Well, praised, because now there is nothing to praise. I don't think it's a joke and since he is a public figure I have the right to state my opinion based on what he is projecting. That is why we sometimes have to defend ourselves there from those teenage accusations.
    Take care!

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