June 25 1950

The beginning of The Korean War. It is actually called The Forgotten War. No wonder, no one cares nowadays in the world. It’s the same as in Japan. I was watching a documentary on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the reporters asked young people on the streets about the dates: August 6th and August 9th. No one knew.
It’s sad, because the nation that forgets about its past, doesn’t have a future.
Some horrendous conflicts or facts should never be forgotten. It all depends on us – to maintain the memory of the past and pass it.
This war should never be forgotten. As well as WW II, not only in Europe. I would like for us, Europeans to start thinking globally. Instead, Europeans are focused only on their own history, neglecting any other conflict, ignoring the scale of it, belittling it. As if the biggest battles were in Europe, as if the biggest losses were in Europe. The truth is – Europe is just a part of the world. Not its centre. The colonial thinking should be long over.

Documentaries on Korean War broadcasted by KBS can be found here:

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2 Responses to June 25 1950

  1. Vasia says:

    I was watching a documentary about it on the History Channel today. I understand why young people won't remember the dates though. I don't remember the dates of major greek events because they were so forced to us in school and made into such an opressing and ruthless mandatory piece of knowledge, that no student gave a damn.

    Personally, I love history and knowledge in general. I just wish they had taught us world history instead of greek/european history in school and in a better way.

    But I agree. No war should be forgotten. I get it if the governments and politicians do forget. They did it for power and money, but people shouldn't forget. Families just like ours suffered and fought during those wars and they deserve more respect for what they endured.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I know that students are in general against forced knowledge. In my case, I learned eagerly, because I wanted to know what country I live in. And although I'm not proud with how it is now, I can be proud of our past. That is why I learned the names and dates.

    But yes, world history is neglected. I was really focused on getting to the Japanese Studies that is why I read everything I could on Asian history. If it wasn't for me, my class wouldn't even get WWII on the Pacific mentioned. I begged my teacher that I can do a presentation about it. So I did.

    And you're right, families, normal people shouldn't forget about the conflicts. We can forgive, but not forget. Even if the eye-witnesses die someday, I hope the stories will be carried on…

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