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Kim Nam Gil: last pics before being abducted…

Hehe. I can’t sleep tonight (Travis’ song just started in my head, eh…), so I went to one news website, and here we go. The continuation of his latest pics before military claimed him as hers. I don’t know why … Continue reading

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김남길: ‘가을남자’

  Before his leave (when did he have time for this??), he did few photoshoots. One is for The Class line (he modeled for it some time ago, but he was so pretty in it I couldn’t stand it), one … Continue reading

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Jeong Jae Young and baseball.

Whoa, Iggi has almost 2.5 millions of viewers! And JJY made an appearance yesterday at the baseball stadium. Yes it was a fundraising for some foundation. And the video:

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Overseas fans

 Apparently, not us. I have to do it, I have to state my opinion on it, because I’m in a really b*tchy mood today. Who can guess whose fault is this? (hint 1: it starts with S and ends with … Continue reading

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Korean Fall Dramas

Or should it rather be Korean Dramas Fall… as I see it. At least for the next 6 months. I have to do it. My daimonion says I have to. Ahahaha!!! Hmm… where did my wine go? Nevermind, it’s just … Continue reading

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Korean new movies: trailers part ??

Next year, probably January will be the time of new Ryu Seung Ryong movie. Except for “King of the Game” comedy this fall (if I remember the title I saw in I love Movies, aww…). Lets start a new round … Continue reading

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I wrote a poem. Since writing rhyming poetry is not my strongest point, lets be frank, I just present it as the fruit of my recently troubled mind. And as I was having tons of fun writing this, be prepared … Continue reading

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