An award for good girls^^

Yes, for you. For passing the quiz^^
OK, award is for me. Because it’s KNG. I was wondering which news I should put up here and which shouldn’t, but it was around March. Then my lappie decided for me and crushed. So I was left with nothing. All my precious links and bookmarks. If it did the same thing now, I would throw it through the window. OK, I live on the first floor and the earth is like 1 meter below my window. Aigoo, I was trying to be a bit dramatic. That is why I’m presenting them now.

I will report more news, well, not that new news (isn’t it redundant?…) tomorrow, cause I shouldn’t have open this bottle of wine on empty stomach.
But it’s all your fault, sweetie!

 Decided, I will watch today Miindo. I know, I should watch the movies I don’t know, but instead I end up watching some movie for the 15th time.
OK, I watched today one new movie: Grandma Gangsters (or Twilight  Gangsters, 2010). I had moments to laugh. But in overall it was a movie about three older women, about their lifelong friendship and the attitude toward older people. They feel useless, and they are treated as ones. Sad movie in the end. Not just a comedy.

Such a great, short video. I’m sure you will love it. If not, I’m taking my toys from D-Addicts.
Took it from Clubbox.

And another video, too big for my displaying sites, so just link to download:


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4 Responses to An award for good girls^^

  1. Vasia says:

    Was he in a hurry or just shy? Awww. Hee hee. Cute.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    He's shy.
    Hard to believe, ne?

    I added one more video, I know it's big (over 300 Mb) to download, but it's worth it. This is how a fanmade video should be done, and not with damned hearts and ribbons…

  3. Aili says:

    Aww… he is cutely shy ^^ Did you notice how the camera went doown, then up? XD

    Too early huh?

  4. Ethlenn says:

    Yep. I also noticed how he picked up the flowers…

    Not too early… not for him^^

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