Iggi: Press Conference – June 29

As if I ever stopped. Nope. Not with this guy.
Hell, I’m here, I’m still here, no chance to go for a movie premiere. Plus July 15 is another deadline. Or it will be, if military can’t be persuaded with some charms. Maybe I should give my statement on this? I think they will comply with my ardent plea. Begging rather… Aishh, well, if not, what is left apart from waiting and patience? And learning Korean…
And I crave for ice-creams. Really. Vanilla flavor. I went to some nearby store and took a quick glance, but I didn’t buy any… Must it be my strong will.
Or empty wallet.

‘이끼’ 정재영:




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2 Responses to Iggi: Press Conference – June 29

  1. Aili says:

    So, I finished the wine bottle. Watched No Regrets. Was a bit upset because the quality of the movie was SO BAD! confused because I didn't quite understand the first part of the movie. And really touched as it was a hm… I think I will use the word beautiful, movie. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Off to bed now^^ I will be up later this afternoon. Please do clarify and prepare an analysis of the movie for stupid me, I am ready to be enlightened 😉

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I clarified your questions on D-Addicts, honey^^

    But if you want, I can make a full synopsis with the explanation^^ That will require watching it once more… (leering…>D)

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