Kim Nam Gil: first videos from July 15

Dorky? Yeah, girls, you’re right, a bit dorky. But he has some bespectacled pics that are everything but dorky. Maybe because I myself wear glasses I find men wearing them attractive? Now all I am left is waiting, few movies and handul of dramas. Maybe he will be involved in some projects like Joo Ji Hoon^^. That would be great. I will reaport any news that appears on the surface. But as I may say about Him, a low profile will be kept.
I mean, what’s left apart waiting? I wonder how many Bidam-oriented fans will remain after that time. I should write something on QSD, I know, but Bidam puzzles me. I’m watching it now for the 4th time, this time to brace everything around him. Because the first time, when drama aired last year, I was in shock. When first subs came out, I was still in shock. Third time I watched with my heart full of love. Now I’m watching paying my attention to details.
I just… I mean… Nevermind. Love his every shape and incarnation.
Watch the TV Entertainment cut here. As always, he was joking even at this moment, hehe.
What’s left.

View here, tomorrow I will provide the download link, but as for now, the whole episode in better quality is on D-Addicts:


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2 Responses to Kim Nam Gil: first videos from July 15

  1. Aili says:

    Naah, I wouldn't say he is dorky, not much for sure, and he looks good with those glasses. The vibe he gives now is different than the pictures from Bad Guy though, not surprisingly^^ I think this current look, never had a thing for guys with long hair…
    The age range of the fans who showed up is surely on the upper age levels, or are my eyes just playing tricks with me?

  2. Ethlenn says:

    The fans were waiting actually for two guys. I don't remember the name of the other. Sorry, the presense of KNG-nim just wipes everything out. But yes, although the girls were screaming, they are older than normal “kyaaa”-folks.

    I like his look with glasses, those pics were among my favorites.

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