"W" new host: Kim Hye-soo

“The documentary program W has had five successful years on the air, with news anchor Choi Yun-yeong as the host. The show’s handling of risque topics, including coverage of Haitian children eating “mud cookies” (made of mud, salt and margarine) and the murder of a Korean woman by her British husband, has received both critical acclaim and public interest.” (http://joongangdaily.joins.com/article/view.asp?aid=2923177, accessed 2010-07-17).
This is this show I was talking about: World and I, apparently they changed the name. I haven’t yet got the chance to watch the new episode with new anchor, but I’m waiting for it impatiently.
But you know, two movie shows are coming my way, one with Iggi cast, mehehe, so I will most likely cut it and post it here today.


For those who may not be familiar with Kim Hye Soo: she played in Tazza (movie), and Modern Boy (*^^*). She’s stunningly beautiful and talented. And as she is very socially oriented, it’s good she will start with this show, which is one of the best show out there.
The official website:
I probably gave link to it, but in any case.
The link to torrent:

We have a new segment in the show, roughly described as “World’s wishes fpr Korea”. People from around the world share their thought in a Twitter-like manner. That is few words (nanana, I don’t have a Twitter and I know how it works, am I not just amazing, muahaha!).
But I’m not sure if I like the new frame. I have to watch more of it.


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