40 seconds of pure perfection

   I mean the shirt. It was washed so well, the whiteness of it almost made me blind. This shirt… on those shoulders…
Where was I?
I’m disappointed in such short footage of it in Entertainment Weekly this time. But what can I do? It can be well edited for a nice sigi, who knows…
And yes, I have nothing better to do, I gave myself some time until July 21st, and I’m going to keep that schedule. After that day I will start working on myself again, and on other things that need to be worked on. No associations, dear readers. I have in plans a big QSD review, but most likely in a month. That is why I’m rewatching it, to see if the ceramics is properly put on the shelves this time. Yes… it’s all about pottery… Damned Miindo and that bronze mirror…

See you soon, dear! Get your fully deserved rest!


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