… I feel like this. Like a stupid cat trying to catch a wild bird. Cat is adorable and fearless though. As the cat knows no sense of shame, it will try to act like this. I found this picture on some Korean website while wandering through some nonsense humor section.
It may be humor section, but honestly, this pic just gave me the power to believe in everything we want. If only we don’t back off, if only we don’t lose the grip and focus, everything in our reach. And with this happy thought I will go to sleep.
And dream.

Picture found someplace, word mine, I don’t care, can be reposted wherever you please. Because it reflects my credo: patience. It’s like in this saying of Gariopontus: the water drop eroses rock not with its might, but with frequency (or something along, I couldn’t find the exact translation, meh…).
Yes, forgot to mention, I love cats.

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