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KNG: Japan has so many different faces

   Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seondeok) who is called “the actor you want to meet the most in Asia” came to Japan for “3rd Japan-Korea friendship Fest”. As he is right before his mandatory military service, the activity outside the … Continue reading

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KNG… again, and again…

***crawling back all on her four, with teary eyes and raw palms, in dust and sweat***  Forgive me, Master, I did not hold for a long time. Dammit, I need to practice more on my strong will. No, not even … Continue reading

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김남길: few videos

You know, lack of anything to do will kill me, so this is the last thing for today, and I’m back to the stuff I need to do. Because, no matter how adorable is this mindlessly staring at KNG, I … Continue reading

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김남길: 내마음 2

Pictures from Aug. 24th. Source: Read here^^ Some more below. It’s about finishing the 4-week training.    

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Drama Fall Shines in Rainbow Colors

Jang Hyuk dropped out of Secret Garden. And here my anticipation ends. I really wanted to see him in it. But since I found the plot somewhat not alluring at all, maybe it’s for the better? But Jang Hyuk, don’t … Continue reading

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Korean new movies ^^

First, the one I’ve been anticipating the most for few months already. Because of the director and because of one of the cast. Those who know who they are don’t need further explanation. Those who don’t: No Regret (2006). Judging … Continue reading

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SEOUL DRAMA Awards 2010: update

And we are back to the place we left. The voting is now over, and sadly, Lee Seung Ki has greatly over 20 thousands of votes. probably from Chinese viewers and fans. Not that I’m this clever, I just read … Continue reading

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