Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : A Successful Guide on How to Ruin Yourself Before Others

   I don’t think I will sleep tonight. Or again, I don’t think I will have a nice sleep. OK, lets don’t overdramatize, I will sleep anyway. There are two solutions: either Gun Wook fakes or he really went crazy. If it’s the first one, and from his last gaze in the end it looks like, I don’t wanna see him die tomorrow. I mean, I know they planned it for him, but please, pretty please, kill Mrs. Shin. Yes, please kill that b*tch! If not, I’m available and I will do it for free.
Update after watching last episode: August 5th: Assssssaaaa!!! Let her rot in the worst jail ever!!
I did not expect that kind of ending though.

 I love the man, the more stupid face he makes, the more I love him^^

Run, run, there is a man outside. A bad man, a really bad…

 And Jae In finally realized something. Great, she’s so clueless. Damn those women!

And hint on the last Episode:
관장실에 온 신여사는 자신의 목소리가 녹음되어있는 기계를 보고 경악하고, 사라진 건욱의 행방에 두려워한다. 태성과 재인은 건욱을 찾다가 건욱의 집으로 향하고, 태성은 건욱을 애타게 찾는 재인의 마음을 알고는 마음가는 대로 살라며 이별을 고하고 자리를 뜬다. 잠시 후 재인은 건욱의 밀실에서 태라를 마주치고, 태라는 영문을 몰라 재인에게 묻지만 재인은 끝내 대답하지 않고…
In my not so humble opinion it says nothing crucial, but… Jae In finally will come to her true feelings. Eww…


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7 Responses to Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : A Successful Guide on How to Ruin Yourself Before Others

  1. mibearakira says:

    AWW I couldn't wait and caught up to ep.16. This was just so confusing!! Like wtf? Is he or is he not crazy and who's Hong Tae Sung?? And Mrs Shim, taking my hat off to the actress, I f** loathe her. Mishil seems humane compared to her!!

    Can't wait for the last ep, thanks to your little spoiler, I'm expecting a finale grande…

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Just one more spoiler: he's not crazy^^
    Or, maybe is, but on different level.
    I cried again on this drama. And I will cry once more when I watch all the episodes.
    It's like with QSD, watching it while knowing what will happen to this cheerful idiot, I'm sobbing in most trivial scenes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don't know if it is a cultural clash or what, but I had a very serious moral problem with the ending of this drama. It was very disappointing to me on so many levels. I am myself from the Middle East so I know something about the so called “filial piety” that prevails in the East, but I think taking it to this extremes is simply pathetic and even immoral. This guy did nothing wrong to feel so suicidally guilty about! Yes! I agree that a more normal or less hurt person would just forget about those jerks the Hongs and would live a happy life in the US with that great education and all. One very wise friend of mine once when I was hurting said :”The best revenge is living a good life!” But having said that let's not mix what would have been more uplifting for Gunwook in the long run and whether or not what he did was wrong. He brought that murderer Madam Shin to justice and exposed the financial crimes of the eldest son of the family (His death was entirely his own fault!! Who told him to drive when drunk because he got caught in a financial scandals!!?) I mildly blame Gumwook for hurting Mo Ne and breaking her heart although in this day and age loads of people do similar things to girls against whose family they have no vendetta what so eve and they don't lose a single night of sleep over it. As for Tea Ra I think she should feel terribly guilty since she was a responsible adult and knowingly hurt her little sister whom she was close to. But she seemed pretty clear in her conscience. So what was all the suicidal fuss about? Just because that bitch Madam Shin told him that he was the real Hong Tea Sung and therefore shared DNA with the people of that family?!!! What the heck!? One's family is the people who care about him and raise him and support and love him not those who donate sperm or share DNA with him. Besides whether or not he was their real son the fact remains that they were criminals and even their own child is justified to bring them to justice. He even has a duty to do so! For example that Mo Ne should have gone to rot in jail for shooting a person just because he dumped her and went out with her sister! (I mean girls know that these things happen right? But if we shoot the bastard we are committing a crime while he was just a bit immoral. See the difference?)
    I mean should he have allowed Madam Shin to go unpunished or that older son continue with his embezzlement just because they were “family”? This understanding of the notion of “family” sounds more like Mafia than of true family. So when that bitch told him: “You are the real Hong Tae Song, so I win!” He should have just said “No you don't!! So what that I am Hong Tae Song?! You are still a murderer and your son a white collar criminal and your eldest daughter is a whore! And I don't care if Mr. Hong donated sperm to my mom. He is still the kind of pig who throws poor innocent children out like a dog Jut because he thinks they are not his own! So good bye and have a nice time in jail!!” And now with scores settled should have gone his merry way! That's what a person not afflicted with this totally bizarre and culturally constructed and unhealthy notion of “filial piety” and “family loyalty” would have said and done. After all he put himself through a lot of trouble and rid the society of criminals. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! He should be proud of himself for the service he did to the larger society! Sorry for the length of the comment, but I kind of liked this drama until this came up and that ruined the whole thing for me BIG TIME! The moral of the story was all wrong! 😦

  4. Ethlenn says:

    Thank you for such intricate explanation on your standpoint. I also feel that Geonwook did nothing worse than any other person in this drama, but there is one thing that was slightly overlooked.
    He grew up alone, with his heart and mind obsessed with one thought alone – vengeance. If he had someone who taught him the other way, I guess he could do later what you suggested. But as much as he wanted to get his revenge, he burnt himself in this fire. Sorry for the horrid details, but you know when people put themselves ablaze? They feel pain only up until the moment the endings of the nerves are burned. They can burn for an hour after that not feeling pain.
    Geonwook was the same. His nerves (no matter what: social family and emotional) were burned when he was a kid. After that he felt nothing.
    I don't think he would have merry way in any solution.

    But yes, I wanted to strangle Mone after she shot him. She was so damn unstable, and lying. It's not the way adult people solve their problems with the broken heart, little girl.

    And I guess in Far East they will loose the Confucian “filial piety” in the next 300 years. This is something different from what we know in Europe or even Middle East. It's something more profound, not just a humility towards parents and family. It's the core of one being. Inseparable from the mind, as for now.

    I would love this drama, even though I knew from the beginning what ending is coming Geonwook's way. But there was so many inconsistencies in it. Plus, apart from KNG, Mrs Oh and detectives, there was no one strong actor that could carry such heavy story.

  5. Thanks for the very interesting reply ethlenn. I see your point. I might need to do some reading on Confucianism in order to understand the cultural nuances displayed in many Korean movies and dramas. They usually come as a surprise to me even though being a Middle Eastern I am not from that far away west 🙂

    By the way I totally agree with your opinion about the inconsistencies of the plot and the acting in this drama. I mean to my knowledge it is not the first time that KNG manages to rescue a shamble of a script almost singlehandedly through the power of his acting and charisma! Remember what he did with Bidam and how he managed to turn him around in the final three or four episodes of QSD after his character had gone off the deep end to such an extent that he was frankly becoming repulsive thanks to the ridiculous script!? I don't know how he managed but it would have been impossible that anybody especially myself would root for Bidam's love in the end had any weaker actor played the role after Bidam's disgusting behavior in the preceding episodes. I salute him! He is just amazing! I also loved the older inspector's acting very much! Very easy, warm and fatherly!

    By the way I think your post “QSD who is who” is one of the most intelligent and thorough critiques that I have read about this drama on the blogosphere! My hat is off to you and thank you!

  6. Sorry for being so longwinded but I must add one more point before I have said my piece about this drama. Throughout the whole Bad Guy drama up until the very end I thought that there must be an irony in the name. Gunwook cannot be the “Bad Guy” since all I was seeing was that this character is amazingly able to empathize with others and read what the other person needed the most to straighten his or her life and in my opinion even though he shook that family and meant to destroy it he ended up blessing it in a deeper sense. He was the one who suggested that Tea Song needs a job and brought him back from wilderness and convinced his father to give him a job in the company and that ultimately did a great deal for his self-esteem and helped to straighten him up. Gunwook was the one who exactly knew Tea Ra was trapped in her marriage and needed to be true to her feelings and live her own true life instead of that empty facade that she had built and that gave her the courage to break free from her lifeless marriage and become an independent woman. And the way he empathized with that silly materialistic fortune-hunter Jea In ultimately taught her a lesson, put her to shame and made her give up her greed and become a better, wiser, and more selfless person. That all came about because he could sense the deepest needs in the other person and having been around the block myself for some time I can tell a human being with such abilities is worth his own weight in gold! If you ask me he was an exceptionally “Good Guy”! But of course the self destructive aspect that you mention remains. The only one he was truly mean and tough to was himself! What a sad and heartbreaking drama this was! Still hunting me!

  7. Ethlenn says:

    Thank you for your kind words.
    As for QSD – as I said, if it wasn't for KNG I wouldn't even bother to finish it. He rescued the sinking ship, and even managed to rescue the last 10 episodes despite many, many flaws in the script. I'm glad it's not only my point of view, because lot of people tend to see Bidam as “cool” guy, and many teenage girls just swoon over his frown. It's not the case and it shouldn't be.

    As for Bad Guy, I remember KNG said once that in fact it's really hard to label one person in this drama as a “bad guy”, because no one was perfect in it. He said that this “bad guy” sticker can apply virtually to anybody.
    I'm planning to make another review of “Bad Guy”, similar to the one I did with QSD, but as for now, I can't find enough time to sit, watch it again and write something coherent. Because I don't want to write as I call it by “gliding through”, and not to exploit bad things and good things. Every movie/drama has those. As much as I can praise KNG's acting, I can't praise this drama.
    Thank you for your interesting points.

    As for Confucianism, particular in Korea (it was slightly different from the one in China, and then Neo-Confucian thought appeared):
    1. An Byung-ju (1996): Korean Cultural heritage, vol. 2 – Thought and Religion, Seoul.
    2.Kim Kwang-ok (1996): Confucian Tradition in East Asian Modernity, Harvard University Press.
    3. website:

    Hope to read more from you^^

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