KNG… again, and again…

***crawling back all on her four, with teary eyes and raw palms, in dust and sweat*** 
Forgive me, Master, I did not hold for a long time.
Dammit, I need to practice more on my strong will. No, not even for you, Namgil-nim! These are my last 2 posts as for today! But since I found that, I think it would be nice to share the translation, cause it’s funny (the original, not the process, actually). I let my imagination fly so the translation may not be word-by-word (I hate those), but transposes what’s necessary.
Kim Nam Gil, who left his fans in an inconsolable sorrow by sudden army enlistment, recently returned with the fashion gravure. He may be a bad guy, but he showed us some irresistible charm of the homme fatale in “AD HOC” magazine photoshoot. Urban elegance is based on his strong charisma that makes the air vibrates. The catalogue that conceptualized his homme fatale look for Fall/Winter 2010, has developped classic military style and mixed it along with manly British nuance, but with modern elements. This all created a vintage impression of an autumn look filtred by the urban look. (2010/08/20(Fri) 11:21)

Hehe, now, to the other interview.

The last picture is my favorite. It says: if you have to look like a b*tch, at least pose like this.
Aww, I love this kind of balancing over prudeness and sleaziness.
Not to misunderstand me, I love it.


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2 Responses to KNG… again, and again…

  1. belleva says:

    lol! love your comment on the last picture. Thanks for the translations, I'm actually a consoled fan due to his army pics and vids spam ^^

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I'm known for giving a hard love, dear. So my comments are not always hearts and fluff, but my mind instead. If he stands like a hooker, I will say it.
    With exception when I'm mindless. Keu ttae mune, hehe…그 때문에.

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