Soothing Autumn Sounds

    Some weeks ago I stumbled across a new song by  the Epitone Project, and my warm feelings returned. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I’ve always had those “returning” things. I like to call them “Returning from the Netherworld”. No difference whether they are people or music, or things. Autumn blues hit hard. Hit with the blunt, unidentified object. So, apart from FT Island and SHINee on my playlist, the rest is made with those little gems. Actually, there’s more, but I don’t think the whole world is dying to know what I’m listening to.
First, Casker. As much as I love W & Whale, Casker is pretty close. It consist of the vocalist Lee Yoong Jin, and producer/composer DJ Lee Juno, who also sings the back-ups. Both Casker and W & Whale’s male back-ups are simply stunning. I have a thing for bass, and for back-ups. I know, a bit exhibitionistic here, but… How can I not to praise what’s worth praising. As I stated someplace else. The voice of Lee Yoong Jin is sometimes mellow, sometimes sassy, sometimes eerie. The music is in general a fusion of bossa-nova (you heard it in Coffee Prince drama OST), very distinctive beat and something casker-ish.

Nabibuin: one of their weirdest MVs and song, giving me the creeps.

Casker: Nobody Knows (just audio, no MV):
Casker: Scent (2009):
Imagine, the rain behind your windows, drops echoing on your windowsill, warm light in the room, and Casker.
If not Casker, so maybe the Epitone Project?
Epitone Project:  I’m the one who hurts

Epitone Project: 봄날, 벚꽃 그리고 너 (Spring, cherry blossoms and you)

And the latest:
Epitone Project: 선인장 (Vocal 차세정):


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