There are some movies that I’m waiting for. And today appeared the first trailer for The Murderer. Directed by Na Hongnim (yes, he directed The Chaser), and starring Ha Jeongwu and Kim Yunseok. Those gentlemen met on the plan of… The Chaser. So I guess we will get another heavy and intense tale. The story is about the man who lives near the Korean border running from his debts. One day, after returning to Korea, he is accused of murder and the game of who’s chasing whom starts. Because the role of another assassin plays Kim Yunseok.

First, The Murderer:

And since there is no trailer yet for Mr. Ha’s upcoming movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s (other title: And Us):

Quiz King:

And short treat for Ryu Seung Ryong fans:

Cyrano Agency (with Eom Taewong, and, oh well, Park Shinhye):

Because of JJY in it, I’m soooo waiting.
No Iggi still…
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3 Responses to Trailers

  1. arakira says:

    Haha you know I like Mr. Ryu, too but he must have occupied your mind a tad too much 😉 You posted the quiz show trailer twice – looks funny though and what a big cast (who is the guy in white in the end?! :P). Damn and I was looking forward to a peek on HJW…Read an interview when they started filming and they apologized to Ha for making him a murder yet again, *laughs*

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Aww, damn, but you know what they say: there is nothing like to much of a good actor/man^^
    I have no idea about the man in white (*blush*)…

    Yeah, I laughed myself. Again, a murderer, again in Na Hongnim movie. But this suggest a really good story.

  3. arakira says:

    Went to hancinema to watch the trailer. It looks good. Ofc Ha would – but the overall first impression is a good one. I like the greyish coulors used…It'll come out in december, right? Proper month for a movie titled the murderer 😉 Too bad I'll have to wait for subs.

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