Kim Namgil: some pics, some videos

  OK, since I’m now converting the videos I found in many different places (you don’t wanna know where, I don’t know where), a pic^^
Truthfully, I have a weak spot for his stupid facial expressions (and he’s willing to give that, due to his goofing around on the plan), so the more dumb he looks, the more I fall for him.
He can be pretty as the butterfly on the orchid (or the orchid itself), but I prefer his not pretty images, but like the latest, with longer, loosely tied up hair, and yes, I will say it at loud – with facial hair! Cause without it he looks like a candy. I don’t like candies, I got a tooth-ache after too much of them, mehehe^^

So, here come the photos:

Love story:

pictures and videos credited as stated.


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2 Responses to Kim Namgil: some pics, some videos

  1. peggybrad says:

    Can't look any more. This is one strong medicine by eyesight. I think I take a nap
    to sleeo..perchance to dream..

    Better soon.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Hope you are doing fine, dear^^

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