One obsessed noona…

… is writing here, the rest of obsessed noonas is someplace else. Ehehe. I have to write something to distract myself from the situation I suddenly fell into. No place, no will and absolutely no need to tell everybody about it. But, to make myself feel better I started to watch Sungkyungkwan Scandal. I was soooo biased. I was tempted, on the one side because it’s a period drama, but I was so strongly against it on the other hand. Why? I don’t trust idols. It’s as simple as Kim The Table Hyun Joong’s spectrum of emotions. Am I hatin’ again? No, I have nothing against his personality, we had this talk on D-A (in different places), but he’s no actor, let’s face it. During this year since BOF he developed one more facial expression. My godss of the Netherworld! In 20 years he will have so many of them!!
Anyway, SKKS is about a young girl who is very talented as a writer, but in order to support her family (mother and ill brother) she writes certain stuff (like letters) in somebody’s stead, or she delivers forbidden books in a secret. (I’m stupid, of course, forbidden = secret, you moron!).
But then, thanks to: part of her clumsiness, part of her sacrifice and part of her courage, she (as a boy) got admitted to the school. But the life in school is hell. Oh well, nothing new, phew! Bullying sunbae, lots of things to learn, out-of-book teachers, plus fluttering heart. Oh, and some nice boys that like to sleep naked when drunk. Really hard to… I mean, OK, I will stop here.

   I was very, very uncertain should I watch it, remembering the unbearable pain I had with one episode of Playful Kiss, and 6 episodes of Gumiho Girlfriend (only emo Doctor kept me glued to the screen, I’m reconsidering picking it up for him, ekhem, I’m shallow, yesss). So I said to myself: “Lady, should I hold…”, eeehm, not, not this… So I said to myself: “You’re not that young anymo…”, dammit, I probably said nothing at all, but just looked up the rest of the cast and… I was hit! Yoo Ah In!! Pretty as a flower ex-boxer in Antique! Nothing that has anything in common with Ju Jihun can be bad. (Yes I know, it’s a made-up theory and needs a heavy research, I know). So I started. And I felt like I was hit by that apple. Dammit.
No way there is a boy prettier than me. Oh, there is??
Actors: Park Minyoung is not irritating (so far, 10 episodes) as Kim Yoonhee, the girl who entered Sungkyunkwan as her brother. Song Joongki has the experience, but he plays his character with somewhat irritating unevenness. His playboy role is kind of catalyst of the actions, for good or for worse. And I’m pleasantly surprised by Micky Yoochun. Seriously, I though , omfg, another “acting” idol from a band I can’t remember. But then I saw something else than other idols *cough *The Table *cough*. Yes, I’m going to praise him now, because I can appreciate small gestures, facial acting and so on. And he has really classical dead-end role. He plays a virtuous guy, a guy who is an idealist. It’s a point blank shot for inexperienced actor.
Scenery: beautiful. The school is almost drowned in the luscious greenery from one side, and breathes with the air of the lively town from the other.
Costumes: come on, it’s a period drama, set in the time of  King Jeongjo (1752–1800), and one of the teachers, Jeong Yakyong is the historical figure. I can’t complain, everything in clothes is as it should be^^. Damn, I love ancient Korean fashion to bits.
Music: is getting better and better. Modern music along with instrumental one. I just don’t like the ending song, sorry.
Language: very useful Korean vocabulary concerning libraries, edicts, etc. Buahaha!! I’m geek, so?
I eat those like you for breakfast!

And the duel of stares I announce as open!
So you’re dead meat.

It’s not the spoon that bends? That’s weird…


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7 Responses to One obsessed noona…

  1. clichy says:

    i've been reading your blog for a while now and although we have different opinions about some dramas or actors, i really like it. And that is because when you say this drama is good or this actor is just so and so, you give reasons and examples. I' counting the days until Kim Nam Gil is back to,i miss his acting.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Thank you. I plan to write more reviews, but life keeps me distracted enough^^

  3. arakira says:

    Haha look at you 😛 One pervy noona, can't believe what I'm seeing here!! *laughs*
    Now we only need to draw Oririn to the dark…ah no… to the pretty side!!

    Just realized watching SKKS and looking at those pics I'm not in a state to write anything sensible…Off to more candy^^

  4. Aili says:

    I started watching it yesterday and ended up not sleeping until I finished 4 episodes!! Thank God that the wine made me sleepy, otherwise I would have run off to Viiki and then gotten NO SLEEP at all!

    So far, I am liking this show. And you are so right about Yoo Ah In, he is great. And Micky is actually growing on me, definitely no Table in that department!
    I hope this will be a somewhat fluffy show though, so far, I can see the story line getting more complicated.

    Hm… Cant wait for more subs to be released!

    Now, need to nap. sleep deprived 😉

  5. Ethlenn says:

    I didn't sleep till today 5 am, but I watched all 10 eps in a row. I wasn't sure I can speak any other language in work though…
    I started to collect HD version of it. And I do hope they won't end it up in a tragedy, I have enough of it! They can go for Coffee Prince solution, I wouldn't mind!

  6. arakira says:

    Well, if they stick to the novel…it should be fine. Read there is even a sequel =)

  7. Ethlenn says:

    No sequels in Korean dramas =(

    Knowing who gets the girl I feel better. Hope they won't turn it around. Damn, I love this drama.
    I even started to like “Chajatta” song… aigoo…

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