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SKKS – some pictures

       Well, to close this day with a smile, even though forced maybe… some pictures from SKKS. It’s a bit sad to think that on this upcoming Tuesday it will be the last episode. No confirmation about the extending, … Continue reading

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Kim Namgil-nim

  I have absolutely nothing to say.  KNG DC Gallery got a letter from this gentleman. And got him a present for the 1st Birthday of theGallery. Pictures if credited: from KNG DC Gall. And now, few more pics of … Continue reading

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One man two movies

   Jeong Jaeyoung… I guess Korean movie shows are spoiling me. Somehow a good TV Fairy heard my sobbing and pleading during those cold, dark nights without KNG bright smile, and now I get few JJY moments. I know this … Continue reading

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Thank You

For being born and for watching over me 23.08.1970 – 31.10.1993

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47th Daejong Awards

   As we all know a month ago So Jisub got the special one. On Friday, yesterday, the awards were handed. And as everyone predicted, Won Bin (yes, Aili!) got the award for the Most Popular Actor as well as … Continue reading

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Ignorance is a bliss!!

   Just had to printscreen it. OK, here’s the article: Breaking news – the Yahoo way And now my usual rant, because I have this unsettling feeling that I have to give a reason why I write about this fact … Continue reading

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Upcoming movies: November

    I know I should do many other things, but instead, I’m hanging around here and there, D-A is working again, so… In November we will (ekhem… Koreans will) get few new movies of every genre. A comedy, a thriller … Continue reading

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THIS will replace Seongkyunkwan…

… in the timeslot, definitely not in my heart. It will imprint an indelible stain in my mind though. Am I biased? Maybe. I will watch the first episode with as much indifference as I can muster up, but if … Continue reading

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My First…

  … big time with Photoshop… Eh, I’m still lacking, but to satisfy your curiosity (eh??) what am I doing over those lonely, cold hours just before the dawn… This. More (hopefully) to come this weekend…

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Life Is Beautiful-gate part …

  This is the lady that created all this hell out there. The screenwriter, the beautiful mind, versatile tongue and imagination transcending the narrow and bordered horizons of others. This lady, Kim Suhyeon, wrote on 23rd that she felt as … Continue reading

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