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My First…

  … big time with Photoshop… Eh, I’m still lacking, but to satisfy your curiosity (eh??) what am I doing over those lonely, cold hours just before the dawn… This. More (hopefully) to come this weekend…

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Life Is Beautiful-gate part …

  This is the lady that created all this hell out there. The screenwriter, the beautiful mind, versatile tongue and imagination transcending the narrow and bordered horizons of others. This lady, Kim Suhyeon, wrote on 23rd that she felt as … Continue reading

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SKKS – some goodies

    Well, call it what you want. Episode 19 spoiler I translated on D-A, but it seems like D-A is temporary out, so I think about putting it here, although I don’t remember it word for word, and I’m … Continue reading

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Omo, Omo, Omoooo!!

  Ha Jeongwu and Jang Hyeok in one movie. One of the best actors and one of the best bodies… Well, no, I’m unfair, JH is also a good actor, Ok^^… Ah, let me fangirl for a moment… So, you’re … Continue reading

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