Omo, Omo, Omoooo!!

  Ha Jeongwu and Jang Hyeok in one movie. One of the best actors and one of the best bodies… Well, no, I’m unfair, JH is also a good actor, Ok^^… Ah, let me fangirl for a moment… So, you’re forgiven for dropping out of the Secret Garden, although my heart aches still that I will not see you along Yun Sanghyeon… Shiiit, that reminds me of Sanghyeon’s hair, brrr… change it, change it please.
The movie, tentatively titled as The Client, will be directed by Son Youngseong. Apart from Mr. Ha and Mr. Jang (the right Jang, not to confuse it with The Peach^^) in the movie stars also Park Heesun.

Ha will play a lawyer who is desperated to prove his client’s innocence (well, really? I bet this “proving” will consist of slashing other unfitting to the case… nah, just joking), Park will play the prosecutor who wants to see him hanged (hehe), and Jang will play the key witness.
Now this looks nice. Not only the cast (yeah, Park does look like a JJY on that pic^^), but the plot, although used and re-used all over again, may be twisted and showed with a slightly different proportions. 
The shooting will start in November.
   In the next year a new movie of Shin Hakyun will be out. Damn, I love the man. I really do. He can make a comedy (with his face it’s not difficult) but he can do a heavier drama as well (Welcome to Dongmagkol for.eva!).
Plus… wait for it... Ryu Seungyoung in it as well!! Ahahaha, I think I’m gonna die with happiness. So I just wonder what Ko Su is doing on the poster, hmmm…
A movie about the Korean conflict. It’s the second of this theme for Mr. Shin.
Ah, ah…
Movie title: Battle of Highlands.
On the less testosterone packed note…
I mean, no, Gong Yu is a man. A fine, full of charm and charisma man. His new movie looks stupid though but I may be proved wrong. It may be a hilarious comedy.
First Love:
Release date in South Korea : 2010/12/__
With Gong Yu – Im Sujeong, and she’s really good^^
First Love – 2010 is a romantic comedy movie which is based on the very popular same-titled musical. It tells the love story between a woman–who cannot forget her first love whom she met during a tour in India and asks the “Finding First Love Company” to look for her first love named Kim Jong Wook–and a man who tries to find Kim Jong Wook according to her request. (hancinema)

pictures and video: hancinema

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9 Responses to Omo, Omo, Omoooo!!

  1. Vasia says:

    Aww! Gong Yoo looks so dorky. Nice. No idea what the movie is about though. Hope we get a proper trailer soon.

    And although I HATE courtroom stuff, I can't pass Park Hie Sun. Especially if he'll be all psycho. The man is just beautifully creepy. Love him! Ahahaha! Told you! I like crazy people!

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I updated it, wuv^^

    And no, Mr. Park will play the prosecutor. He can be crazy too, we can't rule that out, hehe^^

  3. Vasia says:

    Of course he has to be. ^^

    Btw, been sending messages on msn that don't seem to get through.

    DA is also down. What the heck is wrong with technology today? XD

  4. Ethlenn says:

    My msn hates me lately, it keeps logging me off. It's called: “Aili's curse”, hehe…

  5. Vasia says:

    There's an english subbed trailer over at asianmediawiki. 😉 Got spoilers though. I think.

    This is one thing I hate about the movie industry in S.Korea. Trailers. Some of them, even if for very good movies, just give you the entire plot in them. I mean, a trailer should NOT tell you what happens in the movie. Some of them even reveal the ending. Which sucks. Plus, most of them are veeery bad quality and can actually give bad first impressions on an ecxellent film. But mainly, that let's-just-show-them-the-entire-movie-in-2-minutes way of doing them is what I hate most. Some are VERY good, but most reveal too much and suck in quality.

    The movie looks fun though. Gong Yoo looks very cute and clumpsy, which is definitely going to be fun.

  6. Ethlenn says:

    Hmm… so i guess I encountered only those nice trailers, hehe. I think that the ideal trailer shouldn't be longer than 90 seconds. This way it won't reveal much.

    But I guess trailer shows more than teaser. The teaser is supposed to lure the viewers and keep them wanting more, trailer has to show what this movie is about.

  7. arakira says:

    Ahhhhh too many great guys in one post.

    Ha and Jang in one movie…I'm already dying to see it. And the trailer for this can't be too long for me. Ah Mr. Ha . . .

    And I don't mind seeing Gong Yoo in dorky roles forever. He's made for it IMO 😉

  8. Nekrobomb says:

    The client! As happy as I am to see another Im Sujeong film, Jang Hyeok seemed to disappear for way too long. I wonder if there will ever be a Volcano University? Does anyone know why sometimes it's Lim Sujeong, sometimes it's Im Su-Jeong. Lim Soo-Jung. I'm writing a group of essays featuring Korean films and I want to get it right.

  9. Ethlenn says:

    Depends on the transcription. Just stick to one and go on with it.
    Read here:
    and it's more and more popular (at least in scientific writing) to write two parts of the name altogether.
    Im Sujeong would be the best.

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