Kim Namgil-nim

  I have absolutely nothing to say.

 KNG DC Gallery got a letter from this gentleman. And got him a present for the 1st Birthday of theGallery. Pictures if credited: from KNG DC Gall.

And now, few more pics of the Style Photoshoot^^

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4 Responses to Kim Namgil-nim

  1. Aili says:

    LOVE the pictures from the Style photoshot! especially number 2 ^^

    More pictures for you to make wallies of luv!

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Yes, fans of stupid faces united!! Hehe…
    He looks relaxed, that's a relief to see.

  3. Thanks for Ethlenn because you update a lot informations about Kim Nam Gil. Your pictures are excellent! I like Kim Nam Gil very much because when I look at him (his pictures), I believe him who is very intelligent and good-natured man!

  4. I'm waiting for your new informations about Kim Nam Gil!

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