Secret Garden, some pictures^^

   Aaand I’m back to my normal self. That is: bitchin’ about what needs to be taken apart or just haul somebody over the coals. It’s not like I enjoy it. No, because my normal self like to writes paeans to somebody’s glory. But if anyone thinks I will stop criticising (in the original meaning of it), better move to another kindergarten, because I won’t. I can’t write a poem for a crap though. I’m not as talented as Baudelaire who could write A Carcass (Une Charogne) to contrast an evening and some hideous corpse. Anyway, some random pics from the drama that saved my faith in Kdramas, after the mountain of rotting cliches that are called Marry Me, Mary. That’s it. I said that. I think petitions to the Pope, Dalailama, and Asahara for my excommunication are on the way. *shrugs* couldn’t care less.

 My normal self loves dramas like this. With great actors who can deliver hilarious performances while never begging for any attention and crossing the line of fanservice. With witty dialogues, when I don’t have to stop the episode to just WTF for a moment. With chemistry that is based on something else than just looks and miaowing, licking the ice-creams lid in an idiotic manner… Oh hell, I can even like dumb haircuts and fashion if it suits the plot, not the promotion of one of the actors. That’s why I like period dramas. There is no way any actor can stand out as he can using modern clothes. Unless he’s Gu Yong Ha.

 See, I’m a woman that happened to like men. But if I had to fall for a woman’s body, I would never fall for some gender-confused girl-wannabe, but a real woman. I have no opinion on the lady above so far, but I am mesmerized by the dress. The way it is drapped on her breasts is just perfect. And I love the design.

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3 Responses to Secret Garden, some pictures^^

  1. arakira says:

    Glad to hear you're not gonna try become a saint, dear^^ and I gotta tell you I love you, cause each day, whenever I try to move on you mention Gu Yong Ha or throw his pics at me :*

    Also, I can't believe you really did make me stare at a woman's breast – ahem, right, the dress is gorgeous 😉

    Haha this leoprint tracky's gonna make me wish for the sparkly one for sure. Why is everyone suddenly trying to dress like Cher in the 80ies?!!

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Hehe, his tracksuits just kill me. I couldn't imagine another balance clothes for CEO as tracksuits. On top of that, sparkly ones. Where they got their ideas from?

    And I think I will be back from time to time to Gu Yong Ha. Cause you know, he's Gu Yong Ha…

  3. Aili says:

    Yeeeeeeees, I love Hyunbin in this role and his track suits! they are AMAYZING!! Cannot wait for ep3 and the leoprint ones, hahaha!

    But I have to confess that I am not so into Sanghyun in this drama, he is just sooo loud. I know it is a part of this character, but hum… still need to warm up to him, I guess^^

    But Hyunbin and Ha jiwon, omo, too adorable^^ Did I say that Hyunbin is awesome with his quirkness? 😛

    And yes, I also stared at her breasts… but that didnt come as a shock, did it? ehem…

    PS: why so few girl candies in this drama, with the exception of Ha Jiwon…

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