The progress

   I came back yesterday at dawn, accompanied by rain and cold. Rain and cold liked me so much they became somewhat my shadow throughout the whole journey to the conference and back. In terms of the research, I may say the trip was successful, in terms of fun… well, let’s change the subject.
First, our trip to the actual place was quite nice albeit long. When we finally lodged into some nice, cozy hotel, almost dying for food (and some alcohol, ekhem), the wind blew so strong and so cold, I cursed I was born. You know the feeling, when you’re hungry every slightest obstacles drive you nuts. And even breeze may feel like a squall. So there was me, and two other ladies. Hungry and pissed off because of that. We left our lair and went out into the darkness of the city (ahaha, my furor poeticus ticks in!) to hunt down some pizza. Nothing.

Finally, after some gloomy hour of despair and horror, we decided to go straight ahead, led by some incomprehensible hunch that somewhere there, there has to be some small stand with hot food. And we found it. We giggled as teenagers when we finally ordered our dreamed pizzas^^

And God saw it was good… We too as well.
On our way back we got another companion in the best shape possible – a wine. Yes, that was our evening before the big day.
And since the weather was almost as bad as my mood after reading few kyyaaa-type of posts, my delicate and lady-like fingers were too numb to hold the camera, all pictures taken (when I had the mood/chance/will/whatever) with my phone.
The building of theatre had Pegasus statue on its top, which I found some kind of ominous omen (wtf??) for the upcoming event. Because Carl Jung has seen in Pegasus a profound symbol of esoteric knowledge in relation to the spiritual energy allowing to access to the Olympus. Plus, the building had a statue of a woman riding the lion, and my head started to link every philosophy possible to that symbol. I concluded – the academic in style sculpture is ugly.

And here is the actuall hall where the conference took place. Well, the event was in one room, not in the hall, well… Very nice building, with many secret corridors, entries, door, trapdoor, dungeons… no kidding. No, kidding. Oh, I love punctuation! There my imagination also run wild, I imagined myself confined in here, dressed in some period clothes, fighting with a group of assassins… well, yes, I was hungry, why you ask?

And yes, the rain, cold and my lack of enthousiasm definitely killed a photographer in me (this is called an abortion because this photographer wasn’t even born). Yes, my daimonion said to me: “Take an umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh.Eh. Eh eh…” So I took it^^

Oh yes, I forgot to say what this conference was about. It was about Evil. Devil. Demons.
Perfectly for me.
D-A, here I come!

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2 Responses to The progress

  1. Lidia says:

    “My Sis, my Sis is a boozy beggar who could
    think you under the table”

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Oh, Sis, you found me… I can't hide my lowly nature anymore, sniff…

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