The funniest thing that happened during that conference? A guy who took upon himself the role of Ockham’s Razor and said that it’s pointless to do any research for something that doesn’t exist. OK, I don’t believe in demons either, but it’s not the point. I conduct the research on their ontic status IN Heian period (and a bit earlier) based on Konjaku. Actually, the true topic is a bit different, but it’s no time and place to discuss it. I try to establish their place in the world. Between human and otherworld. I like to read about the stuff. I enjoy it. I want others to enjoy it as well.
This is why I transformed (sounds ominous, almost as demons that could transform themselves into the beautiful lady, ekhem, and here where the similarities end…) small part of my presentation into a movie^^.
Music by: Tearliner.

So here it is:

Apparently in the process of converting pps to jpgs the long vowel mark was lost:

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4 Responses to Demons

  1. arakira says:

    Thanks for the presentation!

    What an ignorant fool…

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Well, the commentary he got from the one from the audience, the one we were talking about on msn, was the best point against his nonsense.

    Glad you like it^^

  3. Aili says:

    I think I chose the wrong field of study in my younger days… This is so much more fun than my conference, which were about suicide, alcohol problems, indigenious people, mines, aging… you name it -_-

  4. Ethlenn says:

    But I think your field of research is more useful. Plus, I think it's interesting what you're doing. I was talking about it with a friend and she said it was great! Me thinks that too!

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