Random pictures

I found some funny gifs on Asiae. Simply great, especially the one with fan. But well, he’s Gu Yongha.

And yes, this time I managed to see others not only Seonjun. After 3rd rewatch of pics. Ekhem…

Well, curse me all you can, keke…
I didn’t include Blinky cause he was too spooky, even for me…


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5 Responses to Random pictures

  1. arakira says:

    Oh Ecchan,

    and I'm in gutter-mode again^^

    Thanks for keeping me staring at my lovely Gu Yong Ha XD

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I will provide some goodies on this jewel box still, no worries^^

    Hmm… I think it would be better for us to build/buy our own house in that gutter than rent one.

  3. arakira says:

    Kekeke yep, let's go own the gutter – we can rule it together with the rest of the gang ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ethlenn says:

    Oh yes… the best place for us. The gutter, the best place^^(to paraphrase D'Artagnan, keke)

    Hm, I like my part of gutter. Don't mind not moving out, keke XD

  5. Aili says:

    OMG, the GIF of Jaeshin… so… so… *gutter*

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