JYJ – a what the hell!

I observed today while browsing through 20 different Korean websites that fans start to call Yucheon by his full name, not using the nickname. Good. I have never used it and I hate it. I HATE it.

Moar pics:

(P.S. Thank you, chingu ya, for a streaming yesterday via your phone, you know^^ I heard nothing but screams, but I try to convince myself I heard the boys too^^).
I should go to sleep 2 hours ago, but I spent those hours on so many websites. And still, not everything. I will add more in few hours, when I come from work.

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3 Responses to JYJ – a what the hell!

  1. arakira says:

    Boy, he looks dashing!!

    Thanks for today's huge bag of goodies!!

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I will be back with more in few hours.

    Oh yes, I'm so happy there is nothing weird on his head like before 2008. Those were weird times, brrr…
    Dashing he is^^

  3. Aili says:

    He looks SO GOOD in the suit!!!! And the eye make-up, actually not too bad, framing in his eyes wonderfully. Yes, I am totally cool with guys with make up now. Ehem…

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