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See You All In New 2011 Year

I’d like to wish everyone peaceful, nice Christmas/Holidays time with family, friends and kdramas^^. I wish everyone in the next year more to watch, more to listen to, more to admire. I hope the next year will be free from … Continue reading

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Secret Garden – new pictures

  Yes, I can’t sleep, why you ask? I just watched Ajusshi, but to write a review I need to watch it again. I like violence on screen. Pictures:

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Cafe Noir and The Murderer

I mean cuts from movie shows. But first, let me express my gratitude to all who ruined my second account by hotlinking. What is wrong with you all? I have nothing against downloading and re-uploading even claim the cuts as … Continue reading

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G-Love: new stills and videos

I can’t wait. That’s all. Just one thought occurred (ohoho, a success!!): lately I’ve been seeing in almost every movie/drama someone who uses sign language. It was used in The Devil, Goodbye Solo, and now here. Hmm, what can be … Continue reading

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Park Yucheon – interview on scandal

Ahaha, catchy title, right? Actually this is about the rumor that he was “close” *wink* with Park Min-yeong. Well, the chemistry between those was right there, but I think people see more than there is, in fact. Annoying. “I became … Continue reading

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Jeong Jaeyoung… and the rest

   Yesterday was my first time with Baidu. And apart from zhi shi wo de pengyou… I can’t say much more in Chinese (and totally ignoring the tones, ehehe), I loved it. Actually, to be perfectly frank, I have heard … Continue reading

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JYJ – Interview

But first, 10Asia article. Well, with one small mistake…Then, another one.Article:Singing trio JYJ started touring Korea yesterday to hold autograph sessions promoting the release of their worldwide album “The Beginning.” A press release by the boys’ promoter Prain Inc. said … Continue reading

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