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Exotic charm – Stars vs Soldiers

  This article left me puzzled. First, I wanted to sit and translate it, but when I managed to take my eyes off of two guys featured there I sssaw… I saw… Kang The Creep Dongwon. OK, I know everyone … Continue reading

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Secret Garden, Secret Pictures part 2

  Another pack of pictures.  Credits: SBS Something for nuna’s out there, keke:    This guy cracks me up every time I see him^^

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Secret Garden, Secret Pictures part 1

  They are very hush-hush. So much I haven’t seen them even on DC. Well, *shrugs*… Enjoy!

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King of the Sparkle Strikes Back!

   Latest fashion display of Yucheon just killed me, so I have to turn to something more appropriate. Well, considering tracksuit as appropriate, you may imagine my horror. Anyway, if only Hyun Bin wasn’t that starved… He would be even … Continue reading

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Tei – deep, soothing voice

   Ah, yes, I have something for men with low voice. But they have to look like a men. Cheers to all pansies! Some info first, just in case someone may not know this gentleman, unlikely, but possible. Tei: Real … Continue reading

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Something against cold nights: Jalgeum 3 Inbang^^

   How to put it… Better bluntly: a gutter time, dear readers. A gutter totally biased, personal and unfair. Oh, by the way. I’m looking for some nice place to buy an apartment there. Preferably in the neighborhood of my … Continue reading

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