Cafe Noir and The Murderer

I mean cuts from movie shows.
But first, let me express my gratitude to all who ruined my second account by hotlinking. What is wrong with you all? I have nothing against downloading and re-uploading even claim the cuts as your own, I don’t freaking care, but do not hotlink.

This is why, right now I present only download links, so if anyone is interested, download it please, and watch.
Files are raw, and I don’t make subs.
The Murderer cuts:
And Cofe Noir:

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4 Responses to Cafe Noir and The Murderer

  1. Ethlenn says:

    Everything for Mr. Ha's stalker^^

  2. peggybrad says:

    After 'The Chaser' I am trying to recapture him in 'The Fox Family' My memory jumps from one film to the other which makes for a crazy quilt in my mind.
    I loved him as a ninetailed fox, and loved to find him as a singer and dancer with the family on a stage. Funny. Great actor.

  3. Ethlenn says:

    The dance in the bar on the dancefloor made me stop the ovie, laugh hysterically and continue.
    He's great in everything, true.

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