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Chaebeol (재벌) – how to eat

   It’s maybe me, but in the dramas I’m recently devouring watching, this word pops up often. I bet everyone who watched few shows knows this word. And I bet everyone can picture what chaebeol is. And what chaebeol is … Continue reading

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Park Shihu – Section TV

I recall I said once I’m a peace loving person, all benign and sweet as a fairy. I lied. Or I was joking badly, badly… on my worst sober mood. I completed all data to the article I’m working on … Continue reading

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Work and family dramas

    I avoided long, family dramas for some time, and when I gave one a shot, now I’m lost completely. There is  a totally different feel to those stories, usually long ones, over 30 episodes. I’m talking about primetime week/weekend … Continue reading

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The power of Fans – JYJ

9,817 Fans have collected 158,097,228원 and created an advertising bus for boys. I do what I can by reporting the news here in the middle of Nowhere called Europe. I wanted to post the news yesterday, but few other things … Continue reading

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JYJ – new interview, photoshoot and my boredom

OK, the news are: new “reality show” in 8 parts starts February 25.New photoshoot stills are below.Update: included Their Room photos^^. And I won’t apologise for being biased *_* Thanks to: Nate, Star Today, cyworld, baidu,Link to download the interview … Continue reading

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QoR: video cuts and stills

The first cut is from the show Good Day (or something). And the other is from a special that aired one day, and featured also My Princess special interviews. Since I dropped that drama already, I’m not interested, and I … Continue reading

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JYJ – Music Essay

   Had no idea what music essay is, but now I do know. It’s an album-book. It is called Their Rooms, and will feature members journal entries and six songs (“Nine”, “Pierrot”, “Fallen Leaves,” “ID.S” “Mission,” “Song Part 1.” ) … Continue reading

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