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Tei – 그대를 사랑해

   Now, this is new one on my playlist. I fell in love with this song from the first… ehem, hear? I also went to look for something new, and I found that his other song was featured in A … Continue reading

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Awards fashion^^

   Some guys should just be tortured for hiding their manly bodies under ridiculous outfits. Yes, furry coats also count! Pictures for all petto lovers, as well as some men, women and… Oh Jiho in his pants…But since I’m biased, … Continue reading

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SM Ent another bees^^

Oh, let’s see how long they last till starved to death or taken by the ambulance because they collapse. It happened before with one of them (ah, my poor heart). Yes, I do observe SHINee with care. Yes, I do … Continue reading

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G-Love: press conference pictures 2011-01-10

I wanted to form some normal sentence with as much sense as possible, but I couldn’t. The rest of the pictures:

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