Awards fashion^^

   Some guys should just be tortured for hiding their manly bodies under ridiculous outfits. Yes, furry coats also count!
Pictures for all petto lovers, as well as some men, women and… Oh Jiho in his pants…
But since I’m biased, and all my men in the military or one is not in the drama, there are only few that are left, you know… Maybe overflowed this post with one sweet smile^^
And yes, not a one picture of either carps, tables, or gender-confused.

And the pictures^^

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2 Responses to Awards fashion^^

  1. Aili says:

    Park Shi hoo went temporarily insane, went to the forest, killed an animal and put in on himself, why? WHY? WHY??

    And Oh JiHo MUST be color-blind, HE MUST BE. I cannot figure out any other excuse for him… YooChun has a nicee smile and looking great, same with SJG ^^

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Don't ask me why, I was shocked too… Oh Jiho, as we know, is all Issy's fault.
    Yes, younger crowd looked great. And I loved the outfits of Kim Nam Joo and Chae Jung An.

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