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Obsession is my middle name

My full name is Will Scarlet O’Hara… I just had to say it, sorry. At first I was too obsessed with SKKS, so I had no time for any other drama (following SKKS thread on DC was really, really an … Continue reading

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Winter-end dramas

Even though I’m pretty busy with my current time-consumming drama (Queen of Reversals), I’m looking forward to some other dramas that start in February or March. I may also check the MBC project featuring Park Yuhwan, but still, my eyes … Continue reading

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Music, with nice MVs

        I wrote it last year that Koreans have their way of making MVs. And those are ones of the most creative or haunting videos I’ve seen. Of course it’s not like every video is a masterpiece, but I … Continue reading

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