QoR: few more tendencious stills

   If Taehee ends up with her husband again, in sake of her kid, I swear, I’m going to buy a ticket and slice the writer to pieces. Why not allowing the main character to divorce and live happily? Why divorced woman is such a taboo in Kdramas? Her mother was left by the husband, and this drama states it very clear that even marriage out of love (well, I would have lots to say about the marriage of main characters here) may grow cold and leave no space for any warm feelings like before. Taehee was desperate to get married, he was hoping for catching a wealthy lady. And then, after 5 years a serious guy appeared. All this makes me very weary about the whole marriage thingy. And unlike Secret Garden, I think I will do the profound review on this one.

For now, pictures. Yes, biased.

So what if a little biased?


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2 Responses to QoR: few more tendencious stills

  1. arakira says:

    Wow, some nice pictures there!! I definitely shouldn't start QoR before I got enough free time for another drama-marathon^^

    Ahh suddenly it got hot in here…And it made me think I should write an ode to V-neck shirts…

  2. Ethlenn says:

    V-necks on a good neck are just… oh, I need ice!!

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