QoR: pictures and videos

   I think I will knock myself down and sleep until Monday 2 pm. Last time I was watching drama live streaming was SKKS. Hmm… What do I like so much in a drama about a working housewife? I think everything. I like how the second man is becoming a leading man. This is actually a very nice move, Yongshik gets more screen time (can’t say I’m complaining), romance is well paced and intense, oh how intense! I’m glad I don’t have to deal with teenagers in the drama and screaming oppa-girls. But seriously honing my knife for Junsu’s mother. The woman gets on my nerves with everything.

As promised, few pictures, and NGs.

Mostly they are PSH cuts, ekhem…

To watch:

Uff, that’s all for now. I will try to look for the better resolution videos, but as much as this drama is great, it’s not that popular, so… eh…


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