JYJ – Music Essay

   Had no idea what music essay is, but now I do know. It’s an album-book. It is called Their Rooms, and will feature members journal entries and six songs (“Nine”, “Pierrot”, “Fallen Leaves,” “ID.S” “Mission,” “Song Part 1.” ) all of them in  Korean (yeey!!!). Thank you, thank you for Korean songs, finally! It will be released on January 24th. Hmm… that is today.
The album will also contain their not published pictures.
Oh, so we meet again, Baidu…

Oh, and Yucheon just wanted to calm down the situation and added that lyrics are not aimed at anyone in particular.
News and pics taken from:

What can I say after listening to it only once? Pierrot and Fallen Leaves are good. Mission and Nine are nice too. ID.S is not.
Still, they didn’t use their full potential, maybe Junsu is trying a bit more. Damn!


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6 Responses to JYJ – Music Essay

  1. arakira says:

    Haha but this made me start fangirling with you…cause I was bored on a cold Sunday night and had nothing better to do than to finally check them out properly…ottoke???

  2. Ethlenn says:

    And that was a fantastic night, Ara^^
    I haven't felt so fresh and young in a long time.
    Let's do this some moar often! With 1/3 of them and few other men. Ufufu…

  3. arakira says:

    kekeke it sure was, I haven't had so much kyaing fun in the last… decade or so 😉
    next time, let's take another one of the gals down with us…muwahahahahaha

  4. Ethlenn says:

    How about Aili? I guess she's the best in kyyaaa-mode. But then again, she may flood us with SHINee^^

  5. Aili says:

    Didnt you get my msg?! JYJ is doing a reality show, showing us their private life, PRIVATE life!! As said, I am a bit ambiguous about this, on one side, it satisfies the inner stalker in me, on the other side, I want the boys to have some privacy, on the third side, I want some Yoochun sweetness, and on the fourth side… eh…

    Anywayz… 😛

  6. Ethlenn says:

    Well, I think it will be “shown privacy”, I don't think they are such stupid to show it all. I read that this was because fans want to know more of Junsu, and his preparations to the musical.
    But yes, my inner stalker is delighted, but my noona instict wants to protect poor little Yucheon. Something similar was few years back, when they had cameras following their every step as DBSK… While watching that I wished boys had some privacy.
    On the other hand, with all problems that SME is causing for them, this is one of a vary little solutions they can come up to promote their activity.
    Just wondering if SMEnt will hamper this project too by sending a letter to all 3 main broadcasts…

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