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49 Days: new stills

     The filter looks gloomy and nice. The premise is good. Oh man, 2 more weeks for the first episode. Hope it won’t disappoint.  Stills:

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Mostly Yucheon

He saw latest JGS photoshoot…     I know, it’s always like this. The more I have to do, the less I want to do it. But after this post, I’m back to my studies, because I have some work to … Continue reading

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JYJ – some new videos

Ah, let’s say I’m in a good mood. Yes, after a glass (metaphore) of white semi-dry wine. True. Eh, I almost uploaded PSH pic here. Oh, damn my eyes! So far three videos from February. All credits to clubbox. 2011 … Continue reading

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About "G-Love"

Oh, me? I’m coming, coming!! Oh no, I didn’t forget about my one and only Number 1. Sometimes it’s just like that, I don’t write, but it doesn’t mean I forgot. And I usually don’t write in the heat of … Continue reading

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KNG: respect, admiration and love

While seraching for some stuff I came across this website (OK, I did some research on Korean NGOs and other organisations). And the first picture on the slide in the middle of it was this gem of a man. The … Continue reading

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JYJ: Oh, happy day!

  The battle is not over yet, but one of the hindrances has been taken care of. Oh, a heavy lift off my chest. On February 21st. Seoul Court stated that SM Ent. hampering JYJ’s activities was against the law. … Continue reading

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Netizens went crazy. I went crazy too. There is a talk about possible project: Park Yucheon and Yun Eunhye. I love both of them. Eunhye is a lovely girl. Yucheon is lovely too. But definitely not a girl. It would … Continue reading

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