QoR: Behind the Scenes

   Actually the making of, the afterparty and PSH watching the last episode with fans. So yes, if you can’t stand him, don’t visit this post. I’m a real sucker for all kinds of “behind the scenes”, this is why when I saw it I immediately wanted to share. Even if I’m the only one who enjoys those. *shrugs*
Update: in few hours 2 more cuts, one with QoR, the second one – with only PSH… what a loss… ekhem…

I’m relieved this drama has ended. Park Shihu looked so haggard through last episodes, and even here, trying to keep his spirit up, but it was damn obvious. I wish TV would treat talented people better. Don’t care much for lame mutts though…


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11 Responses to QoR: Behind the Scenes

  1. peggybrad says:

    Saw the wrap party on TV yesterday. I think they all looked glad it was finished… but you are right… Park Shi Hoon did look exhausted. He needs a week in the sun somewhere with nothing to do but relax. 'Hey goodlooking, I got a spare bed and the sun is shining here in California' Oh well.

  2. peggybrad says:

    Please forgive misspelling of Park Shi Hu's name. Partly my mistake but mostly Win7 playing tricks on me. I can't work with this system at all. I have lost my email and lost some files and I am tearing my hair out.
    Still have the sunshine to share..:-)

  3. Ethlenn says:

    Well, it's been really sunny here too. Even with 10 degrees above zero. And my wonderful, humble personality will turn every day into a sun-filled day!!

    I know, I'm competitive. Waiting until Ara comes into the picture…

    And I don't have a spare bed, unfortunately, but I do have a spare place on my bed…

    Oh, when have I started to garden my gutter?…

  4. peggybrad says:

    Ah my Ethlenn…you are the one to share your space of course. I don't share my bed anymore…although there are times when I can feel there is someone beside me. I have strong senses or good imagination I suppose. Just wishful thinking and sense memory….

    It's not a gutter my love. It's called a 'lay-by' in UK and in US it's a 'rest area' or 'scenic viewpoint'

    Any or all of the above would be perfectly good places for you to help a tired actor. 🙂

  5. Ethlenn says:

    Oh, Peggy, you really have a good way with words. Really good and comforting.

    I may joking with all my might but I can't imagine the lack of the loved one by my side (not that I have one). I don't want to imagine that. Something like that is beyond my understanding and I can't say anything much on this matter.

  6. peggybrad says:

    Time is the necessary componentin most cases.Life is right there in the mind. Themind has depths we never reach but it's all there to be used and enjoyed. Nothing is impossible in life if the mind is given a chance to expand. then everything is enjoyable from joy to sadness and appreciating what there is in every second every day.
    It's all in the mind.

  7. Ethlenn says:

    It might be, but still, the mind and the body are linked. If the mind suffers – the body suffers too.

  8. peggybrad says:

    Yes you are right. However, if the mind transcends the problem..whether pain or emotional suffering, then the body will accept and ignore. I know this sounds weird, but I know that it works. At least for me… and the past five years have ended with clean bill of health and nothing to remember that is painful or bad because…it is all in the mind how we approach the brick wall. Well that's the skeleton of the story of course but no pain.no gain. It is all in the mind.

  9. Ethlenn says:

    I know, you are right, as always. I will remember that and will tell myself that whenever hard times come – that it's all in the mind. If the mind is intact, everything's fine.
    Thank you^^

  10. peggybrad says:

    I do not belittle the horrors that have fallen on many people in the past. When the physical control is in the hands of beasts without conscience there is only the small hope and some did survive. No knowing why or how but the mind has to be strong I am sure.

    Live now and do things now and enjoy now and be positive. NOW…

  11. Ethlenn says:

    This is also the way I'm trying to live. I try not to worry over those things I have no control over, or they are all in the future ahead.

    That reminds me, in the same time, when people shut down the conscience, the self-complacency rises. No wonder there is this saying that only stupid people are happy. Thinking makes sometimes too much troubles. This is why all totalitarian systems (ever since ancient times) preferred unity and lack of individual thinking. This is why books were burned down.

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