More music^^

For my all dear friends out there – 3 albums. First one is live album by Lee Seungcheol. He was even featured lately on 10Asiae as one of those few artists that were able to make a transition from 80’s to 2011. I mentioned him few times. There are some of his songs that I’m unable to connect by his name. He sings differently in each one of them. For those who don’t know – Lee Seungcheol was once in 80s, the vocalist in Buhwal. Still, Reflection of Sound is my favorite album of his.
10 cm is next, because my friend was talking about this album.
And the last, but not least – Varous Artists album – Save the Air Green Concert. Worth checking out.

And I’m off Gukkasteen hook. I think it’s too noisy as for me. We were having this talk with Aili, I don’t quite like loud and noisy music. The loudest one was Nightwish that I listened to for about 6 months, and Placebo. Yes, I still like them despite their latest mistakes. I’m not much of a punk-rock girl or heavy metal. Moreover, I think heavy metal and all that is just silly and pretentious.
I prefer music that can move me, that can make me cry and can make me study. The music I can feel comfortable with.
And I do like concert albums. I often watch live performance of the artists, because only then we can make sure whether they are good or not. Placebo, for me, is a typical example. It’s the band that sounds the best live, only then there is this incredible power in Molko’s voice.
This is why I like former DBSK live performances. Of course when Jaejung didn’t mess up his parts, keke. But anyway, I’m not ashamed to admit that. Why should I? A band considered as a boy band? Why not?
BTW. you know about latest Tei problems? He was caught when driving with suspended driving license… ehh…

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9 Responses to More music^^

  1. Aili says:

    I wish my boys would come out with a DVD of their FIRST solo concert too…

    And funny thing indeed, I discovered Lee Seung Cheol not too long ago by accident( I know he is Boohwal's lead singer)! Yes, I live under a rock. Although some of his songs I recognise as OST for kmovies, I think. Even downloaded one of this album, they are super super cheesy, but imma loving them sassy songs. Perfect as OST for many kdramas XD

    And who is 10 cm really? lala…

    Me so happy to discover that WITHS2 released subs for pianist AND Mr. Voice's special drama episode ๐Ÿ˜€ And for Rock Rock Rock. Good start good start.

    Now I got to bed and listen to LSC's sweet voice :*

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Haha, yes, I updated the post with 10 cm album, so you may check them out^^
    If I see your boys DVD I will point you there, or post it myself (for Jonghyun's sake).
    Lee Seungcheol has really, really nice voice and songs. It's just soothing, after a long day at work or stressful day… eh…

  3. arakira says:

    Hey, didn't you sent me his albums some time ago?!
    LOL, I liked his voice and style but forgot all about it and hid him somewhere in my New Music folder ;))

    I love your music recs, keep them up please! I keep finding more and more Korean pieces on my playlist – though I can take pop and ballads only ever so often on a lazy sunday afternoon . . .

    Hehe as you know, I'm into loud and noisy music ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, not heavy metal or VK – but jazzy rock and indie, some shoegaze and punk…korea doesn't seem to have to offer a lot in these categories but I found some lovely gems.
    Unni, if you come across some English articles or sites about this kind of music, please tell me^^

  4. Orbiter says:

    10cm's album came out a week earlier than scheduled! ์•„์‹ธ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Arakira – try Guckkasten!
    Red Field:

  5. Ethlenn says:

    Well, noisy Seo Taiji just released the album, btw.
    And Ara likes Guckkasten, hehe.
    I think I'm more into soul these days. I even went back to 4 Men older albums, eh…

  6. Orbiter says:

    My mom always says 4men make her feel like they are going to puke and die from heartache after the song ends. haha.

    Hrm, on another note, I've been pretty hung up over Boni's version of Duffy's mercy :

    BTW, your Save the Air link seems to point back to Lee Seung Cheol… or is it just me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. arakira says:

    LOL Orbiter, thanks but I've been a fan of Guckkasten even before I watched my first Korean drama. Though – if you know other bands that sound like them or vidulgi ooyoo, lemme know.
    Also like mots, huckleberry finn, broccoli you too – this kind of music. If you have any similar stuff or recs, I'd be very grateful^^

  8. Ethlenn says:

    OK, I fixed the link, it should work by now, and yes, it did point to Mr. Lee.

    Well, me and 4 Men is a love-hate relationship. There are songs I really love, and some I just hate violently. But they can sing.

  9. Aili says:

    @Ara: How about Autumn Vacation? Indieful Rok has a lot of recommendations. I think Apollo 18 might be according to your taste too! Guckkasten is just too loud for my taste, or I didnt give them an enough chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

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