JYJ – some new videos

Ah, let’s say I’m in a good mood. Yes, after a glass (metaphore) of white semi-dry wine. True.
Eh, I almost uploaded PSH pic here. Oh, damn my eyes!

So far three videos from February.

All credits to clubbox.
Boys made it to the news even. I hope they will serve as an example that it takes some spine and courage to stand against big company, even when risking everything. 

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3 Responses to JYJ – some new videos

  1. peggybrad says:

    Korean agents have been keeping artists as slaves for years. Making a 13 year indentured contract is slavery. JYJ deserve all support for breaking through this iron wall. Good luck to all their efforts.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I had in interesting talk with my Korean friend(^^) and I see now that everyone knew about how unfair their contract was, how they were treated. She said that of course, they earned lots of money as a group, but 99% of it went to SME. And from what I observe, one doesn't have to be DBSK fan, or JYJ fan to support them. It's just natural to support the fight in such case.
    This makes me even more curious what's with the last 2 (Changmin and Yunho), and why they didn't join them. But, since those 2 were never actually on my “favorite” in DBSK, I don't care.
    All I know now is I'm going to support JYJ even though I may not like their music.
    Good luck indeed. Let's hope for more good news in March.

  3. arakira says:

    Yep, no matter what I think about their music I feel like siding with these guys, too. And thanks to you I'll be excitedly watching their way out of slavery 😉 Just hoping they'll allow themselves some good rest from time to time^^

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