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Come, sirs, we must bustle!

Rochefort: This d’Artagnan… he lodges with you, does he not? We will find Monsieur d’Artagnan a suitable lodging in the Bastille for the time being. M. Bonancieux: And afterwards? Rochefort: [coldly] Once in the Bastille, there is no afterwards.  No … Continue reading

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Some music

Not jazz yet, please be patient.  As for now, few loud and noisy sounds which I didn’t like, because of lack of the power in the lead vocal. But anyway I’m giving it here for trying. Maya – is a … Continue reading

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Song Junggi on SKKS

I just got this in my KBS newsletter. I checked the website, and voila! The boy is cute and kinda honest about his work. But I must say – Dirty Carnival? With your face??  And I’m not naive, I don’t … Continue reading

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Nightmares domino

It’s always like this, when one bad thing happens, it always causes other bad things to follow (I almost wrote “bed”, ekhemm). I know I’m beating the dead horse, cause the news are all over the place at least for … Continue reading

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Pan-Asianism again?

   Oh well, Manchuria also belongs to Japan because it was occupied for couple of years (1931 – 1945, from Mukden incident). And let’s not forget about Philippines, why they never thought about giving all their teritory to Japan again? … Continue reading

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To be… or ehm… I have the photoshoot!

      80% of Korean Teen Celebs Do Not Attend School Regularly So what? We all know about this. No one could convince me, not even with a thousand blings and peacock make-up, that with tight schedules as usually entertainers … Continue reading

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The Greed, The Power, The Payback

     Midas was the king of Pessinus, capital of Phrygia, a region in Asia Minor. He was the adopted son of Gordias and Cybele and was well known for his pristine rose garden and love of the pleasures of … Continue reading

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