Open Music – Hong Kwangho

   I’m elated. I’m almost dead with some strange happiness. I was watching the show completely unprepared, so when one lady said that the next performer would be Hong Kwango with this song, I stopped doing whatever I was doing (sudden amnesia, don’t remember). This man could sing the microwave instruction and I would explode. He sings here “This Is The Moment” from the musical Jekyll & Hyde. And if I may be frank, Jo Seungwu, even though I like him and he has fabulous voice, may hold a sheet with notes to this man. Too bad, Seungwu is more recognizable and gets more attention.
Still can’t understand what CNBlue were doing there…

The cut is here:
Oh my poor heart…

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3 Responses to Open Music – Hong Kwangho

  1. peggybrad says:

    Incredible to hear a Korean young man sing without any nonsense. What a beautiful voice. Honest goosebumps and neck tingle. Not expecting that. thank you for putting the link.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Oh, dear! I spammed the blog with more Mr. Hong's performances^^
    I'm always looking out for Him 🙂
    Glad you liked it.

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