Some music

   I may look like the most free person on this world. No, I left somewhere my book that I need badly for tomorrow’s lecture, but instead of crying and going into hysteria, I finished my wine, made a ppt for tomorrow, wrote another portion of an article and will watch some drama.
Why so serious anyway?

This music is:

Rumble Fish – 사랑은 잔인하게 쓰여진다 (from the New Tales of Gisaeng OST). I love the drama, and I love the music in it. I hope they will release the full score (not OST), and I’m collecting my money right now for it^^.

Eloise – Video 1
Mimi Sisters
And… wait for it… 2 albums of Yi Seungyeol!
Yi Seungyeol ^o^


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  1. orbiter says:

    YSY!! Thank you 😀

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