Lee Seongyun interview

   Interview cut from the latest I Love Movies show.
I know I’m slacking lately, but will be back on tracks this upcoming week. Lots of things to report, new dramas that we are anticipating, The Diva’s new album and WORLD Tour (keke), oh damn, so much to bas… I mean to express the purest delight about!
I have a weak spot for Lee Seongyun, I loved him in Coffee Prince, and in Pasta as well (even though he was yelling almost all damn time), but it’s in his movies he is really admirable. He’s rough and raw like an unpolished diamond, but at least he doesn’t sparkle like an idiot being just a Svarovsky Crystal, pretending to be a diamond.
He IS a diamond.
Update: another cut added^^

The interview:

The cut in better quality:
영화가 좋다.E228.110430 – Lee Seongyun^^

And the cut from Movie World:


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